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Feeling emotional is a pretty common die-off symptom. When I started my treatment, I had at least one day that I spent in the fetal position in bed from anxiety and a sort of crushing but seemingly causeless sadness, and a lot of days that were not quite that bad but similar.

If your die-off seems hard to manage, back off the coconut oil a bit. Are you taking any supplements to support your liver and kidneys during die-off, like molybdenum amino acid chelate or milk thistle?

It’s been my experience that most friends and family are unsupportive of the diet and treatment at first, but eventually come around when they start to see improvement. It might help to explain to your friend why this is so important to you, though of course that’s hard to do when you have brain fog and are on the verge of tears.

Good luck! Reading the forum a lot really helped me early on; I hope it’ll be helpful to you as well.