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raster;57937 wrote: I’d stick to a few antifungals like the article said. If you have parasites, the black walnut extract works well from my experience. The SF722 will work long term and so I do recommend it. As far as the others, its up to you which ones to try out. I am not saying don’t take them but just not focus so much on antifungals only!

Here is another good post to checkout:

What I would focus is probiotics. The one that worked really good for me long term was HMF neuro which is the only one with human derived strains on the market in the US. If you rotate probiotics then you get a variety of strains. Additionally, some such as S. boulardii (a type of yeast), consumes candida and works really well too. The probiotics are much more likely to cure you than antifungals.


I haven’t got much or any benefit from food sources as well as capsules and tablets of probiotics which is why I’m more hopeful about antifungals. I have used mostly probiotic foods like home made water kefir (which seemed to make me worse vs better), kraut, 24 hour SCD yogurt, beet kvass, etc. I’ve had S Boulardii recently but I didn’t seem to get any benefit from it.

But, I appreciate your opinion and will surely keep it in mind and try to see if it can help me.