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Danny33;57926 wrote: 1. If you find an anti-fungal that works well, you shouldn’t stop it.
2. I wouldn’t put any stock in a chiropractor that is trying to sell you supplements

You have a lot going on, what is your history and symptoms?


I think I’ll be one of those that gets a lot of benefit from SF722. Today is only my first day on it. If it seems to help a lot, I’m going to possibly stay on it every day. I read a lot of Raster’s replies about it.

Before I chelated, I could eat fruit all day, and I over ate fruit, so much that it wasn’t probably making me as healthy as I wanted to be, but pre chelation, I didn’t make too good decisions about some things. I have since unloaded Mercury from my brain. After 6-12 months on ALA, I found that I had to cut back on fruit and other foods because they caused mucus in my stools. then I played around with a lot of supplements and therapies trying to heal. Some helped, some didn’t. I had been drinking a lot of home made water kefir and raw ACV, way too much of it, and what I think is happening is, the yeast is in the pathogenic form. I hope SF722 will revert it back to it’s more subdued form and make my life a little easier. Food was sitting in my stomach, it was a constant fight to prevent constipation. Almost as soon as I quit the ACV and water kefir, my digestion improved. That stuff was aggravating my condition more than helping it. I have doubts that I should ever take either of them ever again. They were making the eczema on my scalp worse all the time, but I did’t relate it to that until last week.

Then I made some raw oat milk and drank some, and it set me back. It’s supposed to be a good source of Chitinase but I think I’d rather take Lufenuron once a year or so. I want to stay low carb and maximize my GI flora.