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Hey Leanne,
I think that iron supplement is starting to help. Of course, I feel my adrenals have been pretty good the past few days, too. A few of the supplements the nd gave me for that are helping. I still got lots to work out on my digestion though; just started a new supplement regimen that is less intense this time because the nd had to get to know my body first, so hopefully it will start to take effect.

It is just hard to stick to complete diet sometimes, and I watch my fiber due to my gastroparesis, too. I found that I really need at least 1 fruit per day, but I stick to low sugar ones, like berries, a few slices of granny smith apples, and might put some unsweetened applesauce or no sugar added apple butter on some bread (like a spoonful) on some candida-friendly bread I made; otherwise, my sugar just gets too low.

However, to keep things to at least somewhat calm, it has actually helped to stick to mainly vegan diet, no meat this past week. I think I have ate eggs a couple times this week, and I did yesterday because I was just doing sooo much; needed some protein. I was in the kitchen all day, cooking, baking, and then doing the dishes, exhausting sometimes. Hard work to get your food prepared sometimes!! =0 However, I do like a few of my recipes now. I love my zucchini pizza crust that I created! =)

This past week was sort of rough for digestion. I started a new job; I hadn’t worked in quite some time due to me taking care of my health (all my surgeries, digestion, candida, etc.). It is suppose to be only a per diem job, every other Sunday, and as needed during the week, but this past week; I had 2 days of orientation, and then a full long week. Now, this week, I am just 3 days a week until the end of July for training, glad!

I can tell you that I feel that I am ready to move on past my zoloft though. I have been taking it probably for about 2 years now. I am feeling that other remedies are working, and that if I take it in the morning, it makes me very tired during the day. If anyone has any recommendations on how to decrease that, it would be appreciated. For now, I decided to take half my dose (usual 100 mg) down to 50 mg, and then maybe every other day till none. I think this is a big step in candida, if I feel that I don’t need it anymore.