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lol, yes, there is so many diseases, treatments, conditions today that people get confused. I have posted some of stories on here before. This is my very first post.–Advice–help.aspx

So, yes, I am a complicated case with no colon and stomach issues, but I can tell you the gastric pacemaker is the best tool ever to help me. Living without a colon, I sort of regret not having it. I think these surgeries, drugs, antibiotics, and no colon really contributing to my candida. Plus, before I had the pacemaker, just food fermenting in my digestive system too long contributing to the cause. Here is some info on gastroparesis and the pacemaker for people on here because a lot of people do not know about this disease. I try to stick to pureed, steamed, and the easiest veggies on my system.

Zoloft, it is an anti-anxiety, depression medication. I have started to take 1/2 a dose, took one last night, after not taking one since Sunday. Better to take at night, and I think I might be okay getting off of it slowly. I think that is a big step in my candida treatment.

I think the iron supplement that was given to me is starting to help more, kicking in. I didn’t think so at first.

As far as meat, I have went vegetarian lately just to heal my system more besides eating eggs here and there. The past few days, it has been weird. I guess I am not necessary bloated, just I am actually going to the bathroom or feel the need to, which creates pressure on my lower abdomen and some cramps. This is good, and I felt like I was getting cleaned out yesterday. I didn’t really have diarrhea, and this morning, I did have a pretty good bm. It is still my major issue of mine to get a balance, and get my food to digest as well as possible with no colon.

For your urinary problems, the nd gave me juniper, which I think is helping quite a bit. I have always had kidney pain, urinary issues. I had a kidney stone in 2006. Then, I have I had problems getting a steady stream when I go. I sat down like a girl to force it out. It is gradually getting better.

Constipation, if it gets too much, check out the remedies on the forum. Also, I know magnesium sure gets me going when I float that way. Remedies