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jameskep;41475 wrote: The colors that come out in the water claiming that those are toxins from the body is a bunch of quackery. What I noticed is the coils that are put into the water are being rusted out by the salt that is in the water. So while you think you are so called detoxing your feet you are also bathing in a nice pool of rust. Closely examine the coils after so many baths and you will see how rusted out they are. Ever notice the brown color that comes out in the tub resembles the same color as rust! Save your $$$

Im not 100% sold these actually work either, but rust in a matter of minutes? I dont know about that. Im not a chemist but I think it would take a little longer than 5 minutes in some salt water to produce that much rust.

Can anyone find any literature on these that they actually work? All you would need to do is send off the water to a lab to have it analyzed.