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I hate the feel of panic this forum takes on every now and then, and I’ve never seen a situation when I didn’t think it was completely unnecessary.

Do we even know what Inulin and FOS are? In a word, fiber. FOS and Inulin are the fibers in the food we eat; they also feed viruses, fungi, yeasts, pathogens, and both good and bad bacteria. And they’re in a lot if not most of the foods we eat on the diet; the reason? To feed the beneficial because, as I keep repeating, if we don’t feed them, they’re just going to die out again you’ll never cure or even come close to curing your infestation.

The fungal yeast Candida albicans are so adaptable that you cannot avoid feeding them ‘something’ unless you yourself stop eating. Would they prefer a nice sugar coated donut? Of course they would, but if they need it bad enough, they’ll devour anything that comes within reach of their cells. During my own infestation, I remember thinking once that the critters would probably eat dirt if that’s all I gave them.

Let’s look at the real point here; when we go on the Candida diet (which is full of Inulin and FOS), we experience die-off, and over time even as we continue eating the foods that contain inulin, the symptoms continue to improve as long as we’re following the protocol and diet. That’s the bottom line.

The foods below are on the strict diet, and all contain either inulin or FOS.

Chicory coffee and chicory root
Yucca root
Oat bran
Rice bran flour
Most Stevia brands contain inulin.

I’m sure there are others. Basically, if a food contains healthy fibers, then to one degree or another, it contains either inulin or FOS.