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Sounds like you got the diet and plan more squared away…glad you can learn from my mistakes!

At my local health food store, we have this peanut butter making machine, where you press a button and fresh almond butter is made immediately until you press the button again. If you can find a store that has this near you, it would be better than getting any stored(old) almond butter. Additionally, you can make it at home if you just mash up a bunch of almonds. However, if you do this, it’d be best to soak the almonds first (to remove molds) for a few hours beforehand. I couldn’t handle almond butter until stage 2 because I had leaky gut real real bad.

My only other recommendation is to get some SF722 undecenoic acid by thorne research (in a month or two). This is a highly effective antifungal that works better than most other antifungals for a long period of time. Candida can adapt to any antifungal, but not very well to SF722.

Eating beef sparingly is OK, try to keep it to the minimum. It certainly is better than every day or a few times per week. You will potentially notice any bad effects of it in time though.