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raster wrote: Sounds like you got the diet and plan more squared away…glad you can learn from my mistakes!

haha yeah, mine too! 😀 this forum is awesome, Im not alone!

raster wrote: At my local health food store, we have this peanut butter making machine, where you press a button and fresh almond butter is made immediately until you press the button again. If you can find a store that has this near you, it would be better than getting any stored(old) almond butter. Additionally, you can make it at home if you just mash up a bunch of almonds. However, if you do this, it’d be best to soak the almonds first (to remove molds) for a few hours beforehand. I couldn’t handle almond butter until stage 2 because I had leaky gut real real bad.

Ill have to look up why soaking removes molds (I generally figure moist/water = more mold). Unfortunately, no machine. I just moved to LA and its hard getting around from where I live, so I really wouldnt want to waste the gas on a store that has one (but it would be totally awesome if the one near me had it!)

raster wrote: My only other recommendation is to get some SF722 undecenoic acid by thorne research (in a month or two). This is a highly effective antifungal that works better than most other antifungals for a long period of time. Candida can adapt to any antifungal, but not very well to SF722.

I’ll make a note of it! Do you know how often I should alternate garlic cloves out of my diet? Ive been eating them once a day for a couple weeks.

raster wrote: Eating beef sparingly is OK, try to keep it to the minimum. It certainly is better than every day or a few times per week. You will potentially notice any bad effects of it in time though.

Thats unfortunate, I love beef, and unfortunately will be eating it 3x his week due to a beef stroganoff recipe I found and bought meat for days ago, but will have to prepare it tomorrow 🙁 the most unfortunate part about my situation is being in a relationship and being too poor to afford two separate diets! aruugh. but from now on, I think I will just cut beef out- maybe once a month- and alternate between turkey, chicken, and lamb.