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raster wrote: Beef/pork can cause a bunch of ammonia production, so this is to be avoided if possible. Tomatoes have sugar and should be eaten sparingly.

I only eat beef maybe 4 or less times a month. Its hard to eat only chicken for too long, especially when you have to share your meals with someone not on the diet :

raster wrote: I would avoid the peanut butter and switch to fresh almond butter during phase 2 (don’t worry about this yet).

Yes’em, I was actually considering buying: since all the xbutter in my market contains sugar of some kind. However after purchasing a $55 bottle of Megaflora ( thanks for that <3 my old bottle only had 1 billion, this new one has 20!) it'll have to wait. good thing its in stage 2, cravings for a butter is pretty much all over the place.

raster wrote: If you were to eat greek yogurt, this would be OK, it contains probiotics and less sugar than all other yogurts. … Try to keep your daily sugar intake to below 25g.

Thanks for the specification of intake. I did notice on the back of my Cascade Fresh plain yogurt it was somewhere in the teens of sugar. I thought since yogurt was said to be really good for this, I could just ea tub a day 😐 I’ll switch to greek and keep it at a minimum, those vitamins should help a lot.

raster wrote: Brown rice is also not on the list because it is inflammatory, contains starch, and low amounts of sugar. If you were to switch to buckwheat, this would be a very good alternative. Also, red/black rice may be OK.
Carrots contain sugar and should be used sparingly if possible.

🙁 why doesnt someone just update the website? Is the owner active on the forums? (just curious since the website is the first [and generally only] thing people first look at instead of the forums) Ill nix it asap and feed the rest to the bf. Hopefully my market has other types of rice.

thank you for all the vitamin tips! Ill try and save up for the important ones- which seem like D, A, and E. Appreciated!