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raster wrote: Please tell us all of your vitamins/supplements and your diet.

Glucosamine (for my back)
Twin Lab’s Daily One Caps

Ive stopped taking them the last 2 days since Ive started my detox, I didnt want to flush them with everything else. Bad idea?

LOTS of water, attempted 3x daily Apple Cider Vinegar, the occasional Emergen-C 1kmg Vitamin C powder packs, Paud’arco and Spearmint. Would it be ok to continue to drink the Chai yerba mate with plain Almond milk instead of rice?

Candida Clear – I was ordering a bottle of Caprylic acid (after reading that Forum’s Protocol post) when I discovered it… so I found it for half off and bought 2 last night, before I knew this information about rice. Seems weird they’d make a bottle just-for without fully studying the rice? I’ve grown up of the mindset that if it says its for x,y,z then its safe for x,y,z. I find it hard to believe they wouldnt study an illness to its fullest and end up prescribing something that sustains it :< My diet (before I began trying to follow the site’s guidelines) mostly consisted of noodles, cheese, few fruits and veg, and mostly bread/tuna/jam/meat and cheese. Current diet: I have no daily regimen since I have a sinking suspicion my lethargia and need to sleep for 12 hours (literally) is due to the overgrowth and lack of nutrients.
Breakfast: eggs over easy ontop of spinach with self-made turkey sausage (turkey patties really) and occasionally plain yogurt (whole or half tub).

Snacks: Cucumbers, Tomatoes, celery (with Lara Scudder’s peanutbutter- I read afterward all nuts contain mold 🙁 so I havent eaten it in a week.), boiled eggs, avacados. Before I knew fish were ruled out avacados, mayo, and tuna combinations for a more ‘hearty’ meal. Ive been eating Cascade Fresh’s plain 2lb yogurt containers at least once a day for a month before I started the diet. Im not eating them as much anymore with 2,3 or even a week’s span between purchasing a tub, but I definitely would like to continue pounding it back if I could. And the occasional sweet potatoe with butter.

Dinners: Trying to follow the recipes listed for Dinners on the site, but Im branching out and making my own recently. Turkey pasta was one, beef wrapped asparagus, steak marinated in olive oil, herbs, and garlic (cooked in onions and ginger), lots of quinoa and brown rice. I was eating beans the first few weeks (thanks to another website saying I could) for more protein with the brown rice, but Ive cut them out in the last 2 weeks after discovering this site. Carrots more recently since a previous website didnt recommend them (tried replacing them with parsnips, but as I read.. parsnips are a starch, and so they’ve been cut out.) I tried making mashed turnips, but.. they tasted pretty bad and cutting them into squares is a bitch, so I think Im eliminating that side from the menu. Thats about it, combinations of veggie broth + quinoa, rice, steamed artichokes, broccoli, asparagus, snowpeas(sauteed in butter occasionally), sweet peppers, and squash.

Its hard to stick to so few foods when my other half eats whatever he wants, AND a lot of sweets, he’s not adjusting very well to my new diet recipes so we’re having to buy to sets of diets and me cooking 2 different sides to accommodate his needs :<

raster wrote: Rice milk is not on the allowed food lists because it is highly inflammatory and contains starch, sugar.

Able900 wrote: Candida Clear contains rice flour and gum Arabic, both of which can sustain Candida albicans.

Well, fiddlesticks 😐 Ive only began using it because I was looking for “candida safe desserts” for Thanksgiving, of which the only “safe” flour my store had was almond or rice… I chose rice. There goes that.

Ive been hardpress to follow any one website’s protocol exactly since a lot of them say different things about whats edible and whats not. Helps to hear reaffirmation though, guess I had my one night semi-latte for awhile.

Able900 wrote: Dr. Schulze’s detox looks ok, but it’s 28-bucks a bottle

The detox I bought is the $60 5-Day program (which actually extends to about 10 days). I didnt want to go with a cheaper choice during the cleanse, but something heard-of guaranteed to clear your system. Im starting the liver detox today as well.

Able900 wrote: The cheapest and best-for-the-money antifungal is raw or cooked garlic, lots of it (by the way, I’m talking about eating it).

Yes! I’ve been eating them, big cloves that burn like shit haha. I read the part of antifungals in the protocol, is garlic one of the ones you have to stop and rotate with or just the listed capsules?

Able900 wrote: There is no one, big answer to this. With most people they go along as normal until one day down the road they suddenly realize it’s been ‘forever’ since they’ve experienced even a tiny symptom of Candida, and bingo, the light bulb finally goes on.

I see, guess Ill be stuck to this diet a while. I read on one site you have to stick to the diet for as many years as you’ve had the yeast infection… in my case 3, so that means 3 months. I dearly hope I wont have to deal with a discharge that much longer (sorry I know tmi) but its such a stress booster and self-esteem kick when you have to pee /sigh. Thank you though, Ill keep my hopes up and think more positive. Out of sight out of mind- full focus on getting well!