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Stick to the foods allowed list:

As you can see, tomatoes are not included, nor is beef. Beef/pork can cause a bunch of ammonia production, so this is to be avoided if possible. Tomatoes have sugar and should be eaten sparingly.

I would avoid the peanut butter and switch to fresh almond butter during phase 2 (don’t worry about this yet).

If you were to eat greek yogurt, this would be OK, it contains probiotics and less sugar than all other yogurts. You should do this 2 weeks into phase 1 of the diet after the cleanse. Kefir is also a way more effective alternative (contains way more probiotic). Try to keep your daily sugar intake to below 25g.

Brown rice is also not on the list because it is inflammatory, contains starch, and low amounts of sugar. If you were to switch to buckwheat, this would be a very good alternative. Also, red/black rice may be OK (give it a test). If you were to rotate between buckwheat, black/red rice, and quinoa as a side dish, the candida won’t be able to adapt very well to the diet.

Carrots contain sugar and should be used sparingly if possible.

As far as the veggies, my only other concern would be starch content. A great website to look up some info on your foods is here:

Seafood is allowed, and it would be best to rotate between it and chicken (or turkey).

Flours you can use for cooking include coconut flour, almond meal, buckwheat flour, and teff flour. Oat bran would also be OK if you eat it once every 3 days or so (not too often).

I am wondering what billion count your probiotic contains? If its like 1-10 billion, I would upgrade to a much higher count when this bottle is up. Megaflora contains 14 different strains at a 50 billion count and HMF Neuro contains 12.5 billion (5 strains) and contains human micro flora. The probiotics are the single most important thing you will need for your recovery.

You will also want to take different vitamins. The multivitamin contains soy and glucose, which will benefit the candida. I would check out this post for other good ideas:

I take vitamin C (with bioflavanoids), mg/calcium/zinc, and vitamin D is very important (cod liver oil) to reduce inflammation. You can take it even further if you want to…but the multivitamin isn’t giving you the proper ratio/amount of vitamins you need to get over candida.

Good luck and hope this helps!