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Hi Immunetroubles,

I too have immune problems, I suffer with Crohn’s disease and Type 1 Diabetes and, in the past have had a skin condition called ‘Lichen Planus’. This is also cause by my immune system going into overdrive.
As a result of the Diabetes (too much sugar in my blood) and Crohn’s, I have developed Candida more than once and had been treated with the anti-fungal drugs. These drugs are ok but can have nasty side effects such as; hives, itching, or swelling, breathing or swallowing problems, loss of appetite, nausea or vomiting, etc.
As I have a tendency to develop Candida due to my illnesses and the medication I have to take for them, I decided to try a more natural way to treat the Candida.
I didn’t want to go on the Candida diet because it is extremely difficult to stick to it as, you really need to cut out all carbohydrates for it to work and, this for me is virtually impossible!
Instead I tried a product you may have heard of called ‘Threelac’, I found this to be very effective at treating Candida and when you are taking it, you DON’T have to follow the strict diet, you just need to be sensible and stay away from sugar.
It looks to me from reading your post that you may be using it as you mention Probiotics, that is good and I, from my own experiences, would suggest that is the best route to take when treating this horrible illness.
There are many other Probiotic treatments for candida and it is certainly worth looking into trying these.
I wish you every success in beating this disease
All the best,