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Biotin is very controversial on whether it can promote candida growth or prevent its growth. My guess is that fungal candida would have the ability to utilize it for its own needs(provided that it gets to it it before the beneficial flora does). Dr. Jeff has seen some studies where candida can utilize biotin. So some supplements can become a battle of whether the candida gets to it first or the beneficial flora gets to it. A lot of vitamin supplements can become counter productive if there is fungal Candida in the duodenum/upper small intestine just waiting for its nutritional needs. So supplementing with certain vitamins can be be very tricky depending on the severity of the individual’s candida condition. For someone who has more severe candida I would not be supplementing with anything that can help candida’s metabolism(some B-Vitamins) or fuel its growth. Some candida programs recommend supplementing with certain vitamins towards the end of the program once the candida is minimal and the beneficial flora is mostly restored. I would agree with that approach.

Dr. Jeff’s post on biotin and Candida utilization.