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I’ve started to drink a glass of kefir each day as part of my diet, but I’m pretty sure that I have a relatively mild intolerance to dairy, because whenever I have any dairy product I get spot.

Depending on how far into the diet you are, you may not be able to handle commercially purchased yogurt yet.

Stop eating the yogurt and kefir altogether; you can try the kefir again in five days. This period will hopefully allow the symptoms to completely disappear so that you’ll know if it effects you again.

I have been getting some spots since starting on the kefir and since starting to eat some natural yoghurt.

If you’re not making your own yogurt and kefir, then they’re probably not fermented long enough, and if you are, then I would ferment it a little longer next time. If you’re eating commercially purchased kefir, I would stop eating it for the same reason. If it’s homemade, wait another five days and try it again, preferable homemade.

Don’t test both the kefir and yogurt at the same time. Wait at least five days between testing each item.

Having kefir or yogurt separate from your meals would be more advantageous since enzymes from foods can interfere with the probiotics.