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jameskep;38747 wrote: Fungal candida is stronger than yeast probiotics so you want to convert candida to its less pathogenic yeast form before you supplement with probiotics/S.boulardi…

If someone has too much fungal candida probiotics might just cause uncomfortable symptoms with no results–meaning the fungal candida will just wipe out the probiotic before it even has a chance to colonize and the only end result you get is a bad die-off symptoms.

That’s not completely correct. But your reasoning is why I’ve always recommended such extreme amounts of the probiotics combined with prebiotics, minus foods for the Candida.

Your basic theory, however, has one major flaw: you can’t convert Candida albicans to its less pathogenic yeast form without the beneficial bacteria first changing the environment of the Candida – which allowed them to turn on their fungal gene in the first place.

Once the fungal form, Candida albicans, has been converted into its basically harmless yeast form, you’ve cured the infestation. So what
you’re suggesting is to avoid probiotics until there is no longer an overgrowth. This won’t work.

However, if you’re talking about taking Lactic acid bacteria (regular beneficial bacteria) throughout the treatment and then taking S. Boulardii later, after all symptoms have disappeared, then I see no problem with this since S. Boulardii appears to act only as another antifungal. Personally, I never used the S. Boulardii yeast during my entire treatment, only the natural Lactic acid bacteria probiotics.