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impossible;42093 wrote:

My sleep right now is “okay”, but I go to sleep late at night around 2 and wake up around 12 a clock mid-day.

I know it’s not good for the diet aspect, but my sleep is horrible if I dont eat a little carbs 1 -½ hour before bedtime.

This looks like classic adrenal fatigue. I was the same way for years. Cortisol production is supposed to peak in the morning and taper off throughout the day. The body, which does almost everything in a cyclical fashion, times many of its functions off of this cortisol cycle. Including melatonin production. Many people can no longer produce enough cortisol and dont produce enough to create the am “bump”. Some people, however have a slightly different problem in that their cortisol production ramps up throughout the day or will even “bump” in the evening or night, thus making you wide awake and stalling melatonin production. Unstable blood sugar can also be caused by adrenal fatigue. Standard adrenal recovery techniques will help alot but take some time.You can test for this at home with a 24 hour cortisol saliva test, which typically run $125-175 here in the states.

As for the sleep schedule, the best way to boost melatonin production naturally is to shut off all the light sources in your house an hour before bedtime. This includes the tv and computer, everything. If you wish to use night lights, get dim green colored ones as that color spectrum has the least impact on your eyes (this has been very well studied by the aviation industry). If you wish, supplementation of melatonin in low amounts is considered safe by many doctors and has a good track record. I personally will not use it forever and would never go over a 3 mg doseage, and I should have stated above that it has no side effects at that dosage “for me”. I also supplement with 6 mg cortisol in the form of isocort first thing in the morning, though I’m not necessarily recommending this nor would I supplement like this without test results to confirm that this exact problem exists.

The extreme fatigue I experience some time, only occurs when I eat strict no-carb(only getting carbs from avacoados, brocolli and so on). ORE when I simple not eat regular and starve for an hour or 2, some days with small “starvations” in then over time creates these “extreme fatigue” situations where I only can sit around doing nothing really. But i’m still getting the 2600-2800 kcal a day, so I should get enough energy. Is this really adrenal fatigue?

Most mornings I don’t feel fresh at all, especially if I don’t get up right away. I dont get up right away because it sometimes trigger this “extreme fatigue” – waking up, going straight to taking a cold shower would kill me right away/ruin the most of the day.

The bottom line in this is: Strict diet feels like starvation, and when I do this my sleep will be very very light, legs will be restless and painful like I did some heavy weightlifting.
I don’t really see this as pure dieoff symptoms, I had bad dieoff symptoms a lot in the old days, and still have them some times, but this is different I believe..

Could I ask my MD about such a cortisol test?

Regarding the lights off 1 hour before bedtime: I can manage ½ hour before, reading with a dim red light?

Thank you

I would also like to ad: In my teens, I would be weightlifting liek a maniac, and could never get normal recovery due to the very same symptoms I experience when on the strict diet or the small starvations.

Later on I just thought that this was all candida.?