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Jojilla;47345 wrote: I’ve been storing my kefir in the cupboard above the refrigerator, but I’m wondering if it’s not so good that I leave it in an enclosed cupboard? It’s probably about 72-74 degrees up there.

Based on this statement it seems that your environment isn’t far from ideal. Are you using fat free, low-fat, or whole milk? Also, when I used raw goat milk the kefir tended to separate and formed a very liquid milk (instead of thicker texture made from most cow’s milk). You can try giving the fermenting grains a swirl or a stir (with a clean wooden spoon) every few hours to allow them more direct contact with the milk after slight separation.

If your grains are softening and becoming larger then they should be waking up. Perhaps you should wait a few more days and update me on their state.