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Hi DaughterNature,
Thanks for helping me through this process with my grains.

To answer your question, I am using whole, pasteurized goat milk. If I ever get my kefir going, then I will follow the protocol to slowly introduce raw goat milk. But for now, I am sticking to pasteurized (NOT ultra-pasteurized).

I took a good look at my grains this morning. A few of them are becoming softer and larger and some of them are still small and hard. I think I am about nine days in now and starting to worry that my grains are not going to work.

My milk smells good after 24 hours, and I can tell something has happened—it definitely is moving in the direction of a kefir smell. It’s just not thickening like kefir should. It thickens a very little but is still much closer to milk than kefir.

Yesterday I tried leaving it out for an extra 12 hours, but it just made it separate and get more sour. Today, given how few crystals I have that have actually grown, am trying 3/4 c. milk instead of 1 cup.

Any thoughts? Thank-you!