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Angel29;33687 wrote: Kefir is supposed to taste sour, right? But how do you know if your kefir is rotten? Also, when you make a few cups of it, how long can it last in the fridge before it really does go bad? Sorry…kefir grains are such a mystery to me!

Sorry Angel, I didn’t have time to respond sooner. Yes, it is sour and at times it would also have a bit of fizz, similar to soda. It does change the taste depending on room temperature, time of year and amount of grains vs. milk. I don’t measure the grains but eyeball it so my kefir will often change taste on top of everything else I noted above.

According to lots of material I read, they say kefir cannot go bad, the good bacteria apparently takes over and gets rid of bad which would make it go bad. This is why milk is left out with kefir culture and it does not go bad. I had it saved in fridge for 4-5 days and it was still good to drink, just a bit more sour than usual.

Here is one of the many sites that contain everything you ever wanted to know about kefir: This site refers to some research where they left the kefir out for a very long time and tested it and it was still good.

I suggest to make enough kefir to consume within a day. Using your grains daily will also make them healthy and grow well. Healthy grains produce better kefir.

Hope all this helps. Best of luck to you!