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It’s very simple to make, kefir grains grow like crazy when you treat them right, which basically means you give them milk every day. I also suggest to take part of it when you have extra and put them in a small container, put some milk in and freeze them. If the ones you are using die on you (it does happen, like me I forgot to change the milk when I put them to fridge to rest) then you have these to pull out of the freezer.

The benefits compared to other probiotics are in the amount of strains. Commercial probiotic has around 14 strains (some might have few more), but they say kefir has around 30 strains. Commercial probiotic gives you more CFU where kefir has less. So one gives you lots of solders, and the other gives you more types of solders 🙂

Have fun making kefir, it’s so simple and fast and offers so many benefits.