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If I don’t take betaine HCL with protein containing meals I get the WORST stomach cramps. Easily solved by taking a few pills of betaine. I can literally push on my stomach and hear liquid gushing around 4+ hours after eating without betaine. With the betaine HCL the food clears out within a couple hours. With a simple meal of oat bran or carbs I do not need HCL.

On the flip side, I’ve seen numerous studies of people on PPI’s. I remember one said that 75% of people on PPI’s with digestive complaints had SIBO/Candida overgrowth. PPI’s also are known to highly increase the risk of c.diff and other bacterial infections.

One of my theories on how candida can overgrow(besides the obvious antibiotics and so forth) is due to low stomach acid/low bile production/over-eating. Someone eats too much, stomach doesn’t produce enough acid to completely break the food down, it passes into the small intestine. If the individual already has some sort of minor SIBO/candida- the unbroken down food is a feast for those organisms.