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one of the forum members Chris24 was in India for a while, when he was on the diet.
Actually he first started his diet over there.

This is what he says in his words,

“Actually im not from south india, but i was staying there in a part of Auroville in Tamil Nadu. I actually started my candida diet there for the first time and found out there is some trouble, but there are some really good options too.

Things that are okay to take:

– Chapati’s: These are whole wheat flat bread. You take them with chutneys.
– Chutney’s: South indian coconut chutney is the best. Also good for you, as long as they dont put tamarind in there. I think most chutneys are okay, as they shouldnt contain sugar but contain many healthy spices.
– Curry’s and gravies: This includes Sambhar (only little potato in there). Unlike the chinese, India goes for spicy instead of sweet/sour. So most of them are healthy and should be candida safe.
– Raita: This is indian curd (yogurt) with onions and/or cucumber. The mixed version might have apple in it so watch for that.
– Coconuts. A lot of those in south india.
– Lassi: Yogurt based milkshake. Make sure it is without sugar or honey.

Things that are borderline:
– Papaya: (it grows there) Papaya has great health benefits and is very low in sugar. Though it is still fruit and you might feel trouble.
– Vada’s: Deep fried breakfast donuts made of chickpea flower.
– Puri’s: Deep fried chapatis (also for breakfast)

Things that you want to be avoiding as much as possible:
– Parotha’s aka paratha’s: these are a staple food like chapati’s except they are made of white flower.
– Idli’s: These are fermented and steamed white rice cakes. A staple food.
– Samosa’s: Deep fried white flower veggie snacks.
– Dosa’s: These are made of white rice flower.
– Thali’s: national staple food for in the afternoon. It is always with white rice. White rice can really mess you up. Its really bad.

While you are there you might want to be taking a look into ayurvedic medicine and ayurvedic doctors.

Hope this helps.”