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CandiGirl wrote:

So sorry, I’ll be sure not to waste your time again with my unneeded and apparently useless information.

WOW. Seriously? That’s not it at all. You already know that you have the knowledge about Candida that many people are seeking, myself included. I just don’t feel you were very kind or loving in your approach. I’m very ill and I’m doing the best I can.

CandiGirl, the forum is full of very ill people and everyone is struggling. Despite their terrible state people will stretch out their hands and help you with advice. Love is looking away from yourself seeing your brother.

You dont do that. You see yourself and only yourself, that could be a reason why your feel depressed.

Look away from yourself and you will see that Able, despite the fact that he is healed by his own knowledge, stepped aside and stayed here for over a year to help everybody, everyday. That is love. Love are not words but deeds! Open the eyes of your heard and I hope you will apologise to him and people who want to help you with advice.
Have you not ask yourself why should these forum people help me? Able could spend time with his family. And the rest of us could look at our own suffering and bellybuttons. Why should we spend time with and for you?

That is love!

Please open your eyes and see! Than you will experience it in your heard too and depression will vanish for you.