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I’m guessing that you didn’t read my first post on this forum yesterday! I did well for 5 days and then came home and binged on chocolate cookies that my husband had in the cupboard. I was so disappointed in myself… Hence, feeling depressed this morning.

I read both of your posts before I answered the third one. Nothing about the first one stopped me from writing what I did. There’s scientific evidence showing that carbs are addictive, and abstaining from them is the only way to break the addiction. I don’t know why you had to ‘binge’ on chocolate, that’s between you and the chocolate I guess, but your binge had nothing to do with scientific facts.

Thank you, Able. I guess.

My God, what exactly do you want from us; I guess? “Support” – yes, I know. What do you consider ‘support’ to be? Support on an Internet forum normally amounts to ‘listening’ and answering questions if possible
So sorry, I’ll be sure not to waste your time again with my unneeded and apparently useless information.