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A candida infestation can really mess you up in this that you are addictive to sugar, which you are actually not but the candida is and the fungus is craving. It would be paramount for you to figure out if you have candida or not. relationship to food.

That makes so much sense! The Candida is addicted to sugar not me. I definitely have Candida. I’ve been tested more than once and I have it severely. It’s all over my body, even in my brain. I do the diet for a while and drift back to old ways and it comes back attacking stronger every time. I guess I have to accept the fact that certain foods have to be removed from my diet forever if I want my health back.

… if you have other issues that you are overeating because of psychological reason I would suggest that you see a therapist or if you dont have money for that work with mindfulness to deal with your A very good way to work with your depression in any case and with overeating is the “Work” from Byron Katie. Her work and teaching will open and wonderful world of freedom for a troubled mind. You find her for free on youtube and can watch how she is working with other people on all issues. Highly I recommend her book.

I’m NOT an over eater. (I’m only slightly overweight right now because of the Candida) I thought OA would be good for me only because people there understand the sugar addiction and it would be a great place for me to socialize as I’ve decided that I’m no longer going out with my friends. It’s way to difficult watching them eat (and drink) all the things I can’t. I actually do see a therapist but not for overeating. As I mentioned in my first post (that I’m gathering you didn’t get to read) on this forum I’ve been diagnosed with Fibromyagia, Chronic Fatigue, Anxiety/Depression AND Candida. I actually have two of Byron Katie’s Books. I love her! Excellent reads.

I appreciate your help, Thomas. Thanks very much.