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CandiGirl wrote: This is just my second post. I woke up feeling so depressed this morning. Thinking about joining OA (Overeaters Anonymous) for help. They believe in no flour/no sugar and I could get a sponsor. I’ve decided that I won’t be socializing anymore because I always give in to temptation. My friends and family really don’t get how serious or how difficult this is for me. My therapist thinks this is a bad idea as I suffer from depression along with everything else and thinks it’s just a way for me to isolate myself. My husband just left for the day. I packed all of his snacks in a bag and had him take them with him. Don’t want to repeat the binge I went on last night. *sigh* I’m actually quite miserable. Some advise/suggestions, would be so appreciated right now.

Hi CandiGirl, overating on sugar could be a sign of a candida infestation but then again it might not be. So is depression. A candida infestation can really mess you up in this that you are addictive to sugar, which you are actually not but the candida is and the fungus is craving. It would be paramount for you to figure out if you have candida or not. If you have we are here to help you and if you have other issues that you are overeating because of psychological reason I would suggest that you see a therapist or if you dont have money for that work with mindfulness to deal with your relationship to food.

A very good way to work with your depression in any case and with overeating is the “Work” from Byron Katie. Her work and teaching will open and wonderful world of freedom for a troubled mind. You find her for free on youtube and can watch how she is working with other people on all issues. Highly I recommend her book.

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