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Hello weyn,

Welcome. I’m on my 7thweek and I have seen results. I suggest you buy molybdenum because it will help your body deal with the toxins. This Is a must or else you will suffer greatly. I tried it and broke out in rashes and I got pink eye. Don’t make the same mistake. I didn’t do the cleanse suggested here. I did a juice fast for a couple of days and a had a colonic. Most of us are following the diet here on the forum provided by able, you should message him for the diet. I can say that I’m eating cooked green veggies and I juice cucumber celery ginger and lemon. Eat chicken 2-3 days a week, organic eggs and fish every other day. Drink plenty of water nd also drank bentonite clay for 2 weeks. Try to get the protocol from able. It contains the foods and supplements to eat. Good luck.