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There are some herbal teas that protect the liver and kidneys that I posted in the herbal tea post yesterday; try to get those in the meantime before the molybdenum arrives. There are other supplements that work also such as milk thistle and potentially juniper berry extract.

I haven’t taken molybdenum throughout my treatment and die-off period per advice from my naturopath. However I am likely paying the consequences of this now as I recently found out my liver enzymes were too high (this means my liver is damaged). I’ve been on the diet 11 months (FYI) and am pretty much symptom free.

I would consider purchasing a probiotic when you are ready; I know its expensive but its the single most important thing you need to recover from candida overgrowth. Making homemade yogurt or kefir has probiotics in the millions count while you need billions of bacteria to get better.

Gaining weight with the diet will come in time; keep in mind that candida weighs a bunch (within the body) so as you kill it, you will lose weight. Your body will also be taxed heavily using its resources to fight this sucker off. Eventually your weight will normalize as you can eat more foods (in stage 2) and can cheat a little more often. I currently weigh more than before I started the diet.

I also thought die-off wouldn’t be that bad but its definitely misrepresented on the website.

If you want to get better as quickly as possible, the best way would be to sweat out those toxins 6 days a week by taking a sauna, hot tub, jacuzzi, steam room, etc. Hot bath works if you can’t do those other ones but isn’t as effective.