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Ok, so I’ve been looking for probiotics and since there wasn’t a great difference pricewise between megaflora and cheaper brands (since you don’t take many capsules a day). I was just gonna buy the megaflora. HOWEVER, it wasn’t possible since they only ship it domestically since it needs to keep refrigerated..
And then I found one with DDS-1 from UAS Labs, but luckily I searched on the forum about it and found out that it’s not good enough. So what now?
Does anyone know any good probiotic with DDS-1 I could buy in europe? Or if it can be shipped internationally from the US, so not one that needs to be shipped iced..
What about the Mt. Capra, Caprobiotics Advanced? It says it contains only 6 strains which doesn’t seem like much, but maybe it is? I will, as soon as I can, start with yogurt (which I am a bit addicted to), kefir and sauerkraut. Maybe the 6 strains would be enough with the combination with probiotic foods?