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dvjorge;52497 wrote:

The genetic link is just a theory. There isn’t a solid scientific evidence that these kind of chronic illnesses are caused by them. You can not focus your recover based on a theory. Keep chelating and reversing your possible acquired immune disorders and you will recover your former health. Until more complicated be your health situation, more simple is the treatment. This is the basic of Holistic medicine. Diet, exercises, and an effective protocol to target your underlying cause.

Good Luck,


20 years ago cbs upregulation was considered theory, today it is pretty much a given. There is not 100% correlation between a 699 mutation and symptoms, but there are others factors and if the gene is not being expressed, its not going to manifest. But, the argument that its theory at this point is pretty irrelevant.

The syndrome caused by an intestinal/genital yeast overgrowth, that is the meaning of this forum, is totally reversible and curable. It is well documented and mostly Iatrogenic.
There are people with intrinsic immune defects who develops Chronic Mucocutaneous Candidiasis, a totally different illness with different roots than Candida Related Complex.

I agree immune stimulation is an important weapon to battle CRC. However, the most important part during this war is to drive the yeast out of the intestinal tissues. It is this reservoir what is causing most of the symptoms candida sufferers have. It isn’t necessary any genetic pattern to develop this syndrome but only a disruption of the antagonistic friendly bacterial flora or any immune offender causing a depressed cell-mediated immunity.

If the overgrowth occurs after antibiotic intake, it means it was caused by a substantial lost of the antagonistic flora. One time the fungus colonize and is present in enough amounts, it manipulates the necessary immune response to clear it. The same organism is able to influence the immune system enormously. The other common cause is mercury toxicity. Mercury causes a polarized Th2 immune response leaving a weak Th1 arm. Candida growth on mucosal tissues when there is an insufficient cell-mediated immunity. Is there a possible genetic link affecting those people who are more susceptible to mercury or have a deficient detox pathway ?? Possible, but the only thing you can do is to help the detox pathway and to chelate the intruder. Genetic is an intrinsic and invariable condition to my knowledge.

Immune support, chelation if it is necessary, and driving the yeast out the tissues should be enough to recover and to revert this syndrome.


Well, those are your theories, you know what mine are, Im not going to reiterate all that. Truthfully its ridiculous because we’re kind of making the same point, just with different emphasis in different areas. And Im not trying to link candida to genetics per say. No matter what your theory is on the cause of this infection, if there is something holding a person back from optimal health and immune function that has this infection, it needs to be dealt with. Period. End of story.