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Impossible, first of all, thank you SO much for your thorough analysis. I really appreciate it. I read through it once, but am going to need to read through it a few more times to really start understanding it better. A few things you mentioned, I had read on other sites, so it was good confirmation (i.e.: starting with SHMT and ACAT first).

I am DEFINITElY going to call this Armine guy. It is overwhelming to piece all this together and figure out exactly what supplements I should be taking, so I need someone experienced to tell me. This guy looks super legit. Hopefully he’s not too expensive or booked.

In a weird way, I am sort of excited that I found this. I’ve been working SO hard to overcome this problem and nothing helps, and I’ve always known there was “something” that was stopping me from getting better. I always assumed it was the low dose of steroids I take for a medical condition, but it’s really just replacement for what my body should be doing.

I’ve also had several other “unexplained” issues that I wonder if this could help…I.e.: symptoms of MS (though all tests negative), and persistently low sex drive/orgasm problems. I wonder if it could all be related.

I’ll probably come back and ask questions once I’ve really digested, but thank you so much again!