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approximately_me;51649 wrote: Is there a test my doctor can take to read cysteine levels or anything else that would help me diagnosing?

A UAA test would indicate higher or lower levels of certain amino acids which can indicate many things. Doctors Data’s website has good info on the test. A urine heavy metals would also give you a better idea of whats going on with you right now. The hair test in a situation like this would probably be best done with pubic hair as it is fast growing and would give a more current result.

One must discern the basis of their reactions, physiological and/or immune, and you seem to be possibly having both. Chest and kidney pain are common symptoms of acute mercury toxicity and its no surprise that those cleaned up with a glutathione protocol. It sounds like certain symptoms improved when you stopped redistributing and others were helped when you cleared some of it out, but certain symptoms stuck around or got worse. One could view this as those were the symptoms of thiol intolerance (due to redistribution) and acute mercury toxicity, the rest could now be something else, possibly indirectly caused by mercury toxicty or whatever. That could be alot of things. Mercury can cause problems with the physiology and can really screw up the immune system.

The fact that certain symptoms are happening with every type of food and is worst before a bowel movement looks more like those are immune based. This test is the best at determining if foods are causing inflammatory reactions.

But this is all a guess, its hard to judge over the internet and without test results. The best thing to do would be establish a solid baseline, be it good or bad (preferably good, of course) as long as its not being influenced by your current consumption and work from there. I’ve gone a whole day without eating when things were tough and I was trying to figure out what the hell was going on. Try foods one at a time and see what happens. See if you can find any that dont cause a reaction. If you tried just 2 bites of oatmeal and coconut oil tmrw morning and the reaction was the same or worse in intensity as a whole meal, then it would strongly look immune based. If you ate foods that you havent had in months and have a low chance of cross reaction with anything your eating now and they dont cause a reaction, that too would strongly indicate the symptoms are immune based. If a pattern of eating something one day is fine, but subsequent consumption causes progressively worse reactions, then i would almost certainly say its immune based.

If its a physiological or digestive intolerance, then it is generally going to be more consistent and dose dependent, you will find that it happens in groups and some foods you would never react to. With all the different enzymes that could be potentially disrupted by mercury, I would imagine that this could happen with alot of different food chemical groups or amino acids and could be hard to determine without testing.

If you cant tolerate actively detoxing, then you might want to think about doing whatever you can to passively detox. A good place to start would be bentonite or charcoal. Neither of these leave the intestine, they have a low chance of causing inflammation, and generally dont really react with the body at all. They just sit there and absorb. Just make sure to use them away from food and drink plenty of water if you do decide to use them.

You need a source of protein, if you can find one that doesnt make things worse, that would be good. Even if its just the necessary individual amino acids. Those also shouldnt draw an immune based reaction at all.

I will do some studying as far as your reactions to glutamine and gaba, but i can tell you that might be a tough nut to crack. I would recommend asking the folks at phoenixrising if they have any ideas or similiar experiences there. Just explain that youve had problems since stopping a high dose ala supplement, then list out the symptoms youve had that you know have been influenced/changed by sulfur containing foods and any supplements that have affected those symptoms directly and any others that have had their own known dramatic reactions. You could also explain your other symptoms with a sidenote that you’re not sure of the source of them. The more clear and concise, the better the responses you’ll get. I’ll help you with it if you would like.