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Able900 wrote:

I’m still wondering how downing the water helps with digestion when it encourages the premature emptying of the stomach.

The water isn’t for digestion, it’s necessary because of the flushing action the bitters have on the liver.
What I’m asking is how the bitters prevent the water from interfering with digestion. It seems to be common knowledge on the forum, and you’ve said yourself in other posts, not to drink water around meals. Doesn’t this make taking the bitters a problem?

Able900 wrote: I found them quite bitter tasting for a few weeks until I grew used to the taste, but I never once experienced a feeling of gagging. I can’t see how a feeling of gagging would be a sign of whether or not they perform as they should.

Whenever I taste anything bitter I get a reflexive action of opening my mouth and pulling a sour sort of face, like I’m sure most people do. It’s usually accompanied with a feeling that my nervous system has been stimulated too, that I can only describe as a kind of shiver. Maybe if what greebles said is true, bitters are ineffective for some groups of people. Is there some sort of alternative, maybe something that isn’t sweetened with glycerol?