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Faith wrote: Able, what about Oil of Oregano? When I drop it in my mouth it kinda does the whole saliva thing. Could I just use that instead?

Hello, Faith.
Oregano oil isn’t an enzyme stimulant; it’s simply an antifungal meaning of course that it kills the Candida. Bitters on the other hand are not an antifungal, and the only purpose they serve for the infestation is to stimulate the vagus nerves. This doesn’t mean that they stimulate all nerves, but only the ones that stimulate enzyme production. It also doesn’t mean that just food that has a bitter taste will do the same thing, for example, extremely strong coffee can have a bitter taste, but it doesn’t perform as the bitter herbs do nor will it have a flushing effect on the liver like the herbs do. Hope this explains the difference.

Thanks, Able