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Thanks Able for your response!

Just to clarify and to make sure I did not translate rutabaga incorrectly. Rutabaga is a root that tastes kind of spicy when eaten raw (I never cooked it), similar to radishes (little red roots) but much larger and spicier, correct? I looked it up online and it looks like it on the outside, but none of the reading doesn’t describe the taste and they mention yellow kind and all sorts of other stuff. It’s confusing!

I did not have any rutabaga since Friday lunch and no raw garlic since thursday dinner. Shouldn’t die-off start to ease up? It started Friday afternoon, and I was sick all day yesterday (Saturday), sweating all night and this morning I got up with the nausea and still feeling so sick. I am dizzy, all tense, have pain in my neck, lower back, legs, under arms, stomach feels as if I swallowed a handful of stones, my hands are cold like ice. I skipped probiotic last night and will cut down on Kefir (I upped it to 750ml, sometimes close to 1l). I did not take any biotin yesterday as I read somewhere something like “if you start experiencing to much die-off reduce the dosage of biotin” and even though I was only taking two 300mcg doses I cut that out yesterday hoping it will help.

This stuff is scary and I was trying so hard to avoid it all this time. I have coconut oil sitting on the counter and don’t want to take it to avoid getting sick.

So do you think I should still take the Swedish Bitters even though they contain alcohol? Does the benefit outweigh the small amount of alcohol taken with the suggested dosage?