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I am doing the diet without buying organic. I also simply can’t afford to and its completely understandable why as the food is twice as much mostly everywhere.

Unfortunately I’m not sure if this will make our really recovery longer or if it completely hinder it. I think it may have to do with why we have candida & I’m more scared of the antibiotics in chicken than the pesticides in veggies. I’m trying to buy halal chicken or organic. Halal is not organic just kosher.

One thing we both can do is try to buy organic meat at least sometimes. And double the probiotics like if it says take one take 2 or 3 a day but this is also expensive. I think buying eggs and meat organic is more important but I don’t always do this.

Lets see if we get better doing this and then we can prove it may b best but not necessary. I understand how horrible gmos are and believe me I’m f- ing. Pissd this shits in our food! I don’t want to eat gmos I don’t have a choice.