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michellemframe;49266 wrote: One more question, how and what time of day should I take the antifungals?? Take one for 2 weeks or alternate daily? I currently have GSE, garlic, Caprylic Acid, Oregano Oil.

I usually take my antifungals with my food.
Other antifungals that you should consider are Red Thyme, SF722, extra virgin coconut oil and Brussels sprouts. Ask Able for the correct dose of all these antifungals if you didn’t already do that.
Do not alternate daily, but every two weeks. How you actually do it, you have to figure it out by yourself. I am starting to know which antifungals are the most affective to me. What I do right now, is taking antifungal 1 and 2 then switch to 2 and 3 then switching to 3 and 1, etc every two weeks. There are a number of posts concerning this that you should definitely read.
Here, here and here.
You should not alternate between the whole food antifungals, which are extra virgin coconut oil and Brussels sprouts. SF722 may be taken without interruption too.

michellemframe;49266 wrote: Also, each night I take a 15 strain probiotic

Probiotics with lactobacillus acidophilus dds-1 in them are the most effective. But probiotics are VERY expensive. The best way to have probiotics is making kefir. It is one of the most wonderful products on the diet. It isn’t only much more effective than probiotics in capsules, it also gives you an energy boost (at least for me).

Good luck!