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Michigulla wrote: 1) Regarding garlic, does it have to be raw to be used as an antifungal? I typically use 4-6 cloves a day, but always cooked in my stir fry’s and such.

It certainly is a plus to have the garlic raw now and then, but any way you can get it is a benefit.

2) Like I mentioned above, I use coconut oil to cook everything. I’ve also been eating 1 tablespoon a day, just for my own pleasure because honestly, I like it! How much coconut oil can I consume on a daily basis, and does it make a difference whether it’s cooked in a stir fry, or just eaten on a spoon?

Having it by the spoonful as well as using it in your cooking are both beneficial. However, whether you cook with it or not, you definitely need to take it by the spoonful every day. It’s a big plus that you actually like it as that will definitely come in handy in a short time.
Coconut oil is one of the most beneficial whole-food supplements you’ll use during your treatment. It’s not only a powerful antifungal, but being purely acidic in nature, it has the ability of changing the environment of the intestines to a more beneficial arena for your ultimate cure.
As far as how much you can take during a day’s time; since you’re female, you could work your way up to 12 teaspoonfuls a day; males can usually go as high as 16 tbs. However, I would wait until after the cleanse to start doing this.
Hopefully you realize by now that anytime you introduce a new antifungal, it’s very important that you increase the dosage very, very slowly. With the coconut oil, you’re taking one tablespoon a day a day, so raising it by 1 teaspoon a day until you reach the limit of 12 teaspoons a day is good.

3) I haven’t really been taking the Olive Leaf Extract since you mentioned it’s not a great source of antifungal properties. Should I start to add oregano oil to this mix or wait until I’ve been on the cleanse longer, or even until I start the diet? And how much?

You don’t need to add any other supplement or antifungal to your regimen until you’ve completed the cleanse.
Two or three days after you’ve completed the cleanse you should add another antifungal (in addition to the coconut oil). I’ll leave it up to you as to which you choose, but I would choose between oregano oil, grapefruit seed extract, or SF722 undecenoic acid. Remember to start the dose slowly and work up to a higher dose. Let me know which you choose, and I’ll let you know how to use it and how much.

Starting tomorrow, I would add another dose of Molybdenum and continue doing so until you reach five pills (750 mcg) which is the beneficial amount for keeping the Candida toxins cleared from the body. Remember that you’ll also need to drink plenty of water throughout the day, and taking a bottle or glass to bed with you is also a good idea. When you run out of these, you might look for the 250 mcg pills, that way you won’t have to take as many in one day.

4) Regarding the lemon drink and Molybdenum. How long should I be doing the lemon drink for? A few weeks, a few months, or for a prolonged period of time? And same question for Molybdenum.

I would take the lemon drink for two or three weeks at least; one to three glasses a day. Molybdenum is something that’s different for everyone as it depends on the degree of your infestation. You will want this in your system for as long as the Candida are dying since that’s when the most toxins are being released; so you could lower the amount eventually as less and less Candida are left to die, but you will need to continue it as a maintenance until the Candida have basically disappeared.

5) I drink chamomile tea like it’s going out of style, but I read somewhere on this forum that the normal tea bags can contain small traces of mold. I went out and bought organic chamomile tea bags, will this suffice?

Organic should make a big difference, hopefully.

6) And lastly, I’m planning on doing the cleanse portion for AT LEAST 3 weeks. Is this too long for the cleanse? I just feel as though I’ve had these issues for far too long, and a one week, or two week cleanse won’t be enough.

Many of the members skipped the cleanse, including myself. It didn’t stop me from curing my infestation in less than a year, however, the advantage is that it usually gives you a jump start of sorts on the treatment, and normally causes a shorter timeframe for the treatment, that is, providing there is no cheating at any time during the treatment. However, if you have a fairly active lifestyle, I would not prolong the cleanse for more than two weeks. In addition, consider your weight as the diet alone will cause you to lose weight, and you’ll lose pounds even faster during the cleanse. Keep in mind that many times weight loss is one of the most worrisome side effects of the diet.

… will last me another 45 days. Is it ok to take this (Jarrow) for the next almost two months and then switch to the stronger probiotic that you suggested? I just don’t want to waste my money. Or should I take both at the same time?

I would take this for a total of one month, and then switch brands. You could keep the Jarrow and switch back and forth between the two every two to three weeks since you’d have both available.

As far as your B complex is concerned, look at these numbers and you’ll see the problem that I have with multiple B vitamins.

Biotin: 33% RDA
Vitamin B12: 1,667% RDA

Does this not look just a bit out of proportion to you? If someone can explain to me how putting over 6000% of the recommended daily allowance of one B vitamin but not even 100% of the requirement of another is going to benefit the health of a human being, maybe I would change my mind about the ridiculousness of complex vitamins. The only thing this can do is to cause an imbalance in the natural ratio of B vitamins which is normally in the body.

By taking the probiotics, eating homemade kefir and organic Greek yogurt you will increase the flora in the intestines; as this happens, the beneficial bacteria produce the B vitamins in the correct ratio and as they are needed.

Let us know if you have other questions.