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I’m 25 years old, and have pretty much self-diagnosed myself with Candida overgrowth. I’ve done the saliva/spit test and the three points directing toward Candida were there. Stringy, sinks to the bottom, floaters, etc… (I know it isn’t such a great idea to self-diagnose, so I’ll be seeing a naturopathic doctor within the next few weeks to confirm this theory.)

There is no ‘spit test’ that’s capable of diagnosing a Candida albicans infestation.

… recurring vaginal pain/bladder pain, including urethra palpitations, sort of feels like burning, but I can’t explain it, it just hurts, and a knife cutting type of feeling that feels like a HORRIBLE UTI… I’M IN SO MUCH PAIN sometimes there IS something wrong that’s causing this. I did multiple google searches regarding bladder/vaginal pain and Candida, and came across one forum where a man said it could be fungal, not bacterial. This pain is the main reason why I’m trying the Candida cleanse/diet.

Please note that I am not diagnosing your pain, the possibilities are far too widespread. However, Candida albicans can colonize in almost any part of the body; this included the throat, sinuses, and even the bladder.

I know during the cleansing phase I’m not advised to take probiotics and antifungals, but I’ve taken probiotics in the past and they didn’t harm me, and I take Olive Leaf Extract almost everyday anyway for general health. (One thing I’ve noticed about OLE is that when I take it on a daily basis it causes my bladder/vaginal pain to worsen. Could this be because it’s attacking the yeast/fungus and killing it and it’s part of a sort of die-off? Or am I taking too high of a dosage? I take two full dropper fulls in a glass of water one to two times a day, but not everyday.)

Olive leaf extract contains only mild to moderate antifungal properties and isn’t even on the forum’s protocol. Oil of oregano, garlic extract, and even grapefruit seed extract are much stronger antifungals.

I went to a friend who’s educated on holistic healing, and also works at a vitamin store and he said it’s ok if I eat chicken breast, and egg whites, along with all of the vegetables on the cleanse. Is this ok?

The chicken would make it a very mild cleanse – and that’s IF it’s organic chicken; if it isn’t organic, then it’s a real stretch to say that you’re doing a cleanse. The eggs would also have to be organic to qualify as part of a cleanse.

Or should I cut out the chicken and egg whites?

I would cut out the chicken if you want it to be an actual cleanse. And if you have organic eggs, you can eat the entire egg, not just the whites.

Currently, I’m taking Jarrow Formula 40 Billion count probiotics, as well as a colon cleanse w/Chlorophyll every morning and every night,

Jarrow is suitable as a starter probiotic only.

along with two Candex pills each time.

You’re just wasting your money on Candex. First it contains three enzymes which are detrimental to the Candida treatment. In addition, it contains Maltodextrin which is a sugar.
Swedish Bitters produce the enzymes you need which help to heal the intestinal lining by allowing the immune system to rebuild the intestinal wall of the intestines. The enzymes produced naturally this way can also clean the intestinal lining of putrefied wastes which allows the beneficial bacteria to re-establish their colonies on the walls of the intestines.

(I’m taking A LOT of these for hormonal balancing, and I want to add, I’ve been cleared for taking this many vitamins and it being ok to do, so please don’t tell me it’s too much.)

I would be the last person to tell anyone they’re taking too many vitamins; even though I’m not sure why you’re taking a B complex since the best it can do is cause an imbalance of some of the B vitamins. I’d be interested in knowing the ratios of the various B vitamins in the one you have.

I’ve been experiencing some really crazy symptoms. I’m lightheaded, dizzy, weak, and the thing that scares me the most is that I’m tingly in my arms and hands, and I can’t sit in the same position for too long because it feels like my limbs fall asleep. Is this part of the die-off? I also have headaches, and of course, the bladder/vaginal pain.

These definitely sound like die-off symptoms. Are you taking anything to lessen the die-off effect? Our protocol on the forum emphasizes taking a specific supplement for three days prior to starting the cleanse in order to avoid the dangerous toxins released by the dying Candida. These aldehyde-toxins not only can actually make you feel worse than you were, but they’re extremely dangerous to the general health of your body and specifically the liver and kidneys.

Please let me know if you have ANY insight on what could be the problem, or suggestions for bettering this plan.

My only other suggestion is that you read the protocol that the forum members use.

Let us know if you have questions.