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Hi Kristy, I feel for you. After reading your symptoms and what you are going through, it is important to see the naturopath if you can and follow this forum with the diet. If you have a local health food store find someone there also who may be able to help initially with foods to try. Obviously you must eat but be very aware of everything you do. I suggest getting some oatbran from healthfood store (I get mine bulk) it is cheap and add a teaspoon or 1 packet of SweetLeaf Stevia. This is easy to swallow and should help. I’m also thinking you may have severe candida and die-off. I also had and still have symptoms of hairloss, hormone imbalances, missed periods, blurred vision, dizziness, reflux, ear ringing and so on.. My symptoms eased as I followed this forums diet, except hormone problems and still have not had a period since Oct, my ears still ring.

I am checking today about the antibiotic because I was on one similar when all this started plus I was given a steroid on top of it due to a skin rash. But I do believe the yeast overgrowth was there first and these meds made it worse. Also follow up with a family doctor (hopefully you have an open-minded one) along with naturopath. Please keep us posted.