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Thank you all for your help. I am having a really tough time figuring this out with Kristy(this is her boyfriend Nick). She had a really bad reaction to broccoli last night, The reaction came on about 10 minutes after eating the broccoli. We are slowly trying to introduce foods that she can get down her esophagus. The broccoli was boiled for easy swallowing and we used some of the butter that she cooks her eggs in to ease the broccoli down her esophagus because food gets “stuck” in there and takes many hours to make its way to the stomach. Her reaction to the broccoli was as follows; instantly felt even more “out of it”(she has depersonalization and disorientation all the time), worsening head pressure, severely increased dizziness, greatly increased facial pressure and tingling, extreme exacerbation of blurry vision, and increased feeling of off balance and walking on a boat. All of these symptoms lasted for 6 hours(only stopped because she went to bed) and still has them all today but they are less severe.

She has also had a really bad reaction to a magnesium and a fish oil tablet that were taking at the same time. This landed her in this ER and has never gotten back to where she was before then.

She has experienced sharp stabbing body pains from eating spinach. This was not instant but later on those days when she had eaten the spinach and experienced identical symptoms in the same amount of time after eating it on every occasion as of late.

She also developed severely increased acid reflux to the point of not being able to swallow food and tasting acid in her mouth from her probiotic which we were assured was of great quality(did not know about Candida yet). This was Mega Foods Mega Flora 20 billion cfu’s which is plant based. After four or five days on this she started to have all these problems, on two separate occasions. We weren’t sure why this would be? Is it die off?

We were starting to wonder if she should try sour kraut instead of a probiotic to start? It seems like every thing she does to try and start tackling causes extreme issues. This is really hard because she can hardly stay alive as it is. I don’t want to be overly dramatic but even on the Fluoroquinolone toxicity website she has one of the more severe cases. It’s been really had hard because almost every treatment we try puts us two steps back and nothing seems to really improve other than the removal of gluten which may have shown some small relief for a brief amount of time but its positive benefits from removal have seemed to wear off.

We are seeking help from our naturopath but are not sure if that is the best path to take. With so many downfalls its hard to know what is right for her.