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Lora Jayne
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Thank you so much Danny. Appreciate you sharing your story. I’m sorry you’ve had to struggle with this all as I have. I dealt with IBS as well as stomach ulcers AND gal stones… It took years to get to where I am today. In that sense I should be thankful.. That they narrowed my problems down to candidiasis and celiac disease.

As far as my past health history…My mental health issues started at age 10. Anxiety, OCD, depression and paranoia. Then at age 15 the physical health issues started. It started by getting mono. Then things like the flu, fevers, and every single sickness you can imagine. It ranged from ear infections to pink eye, CONSTANTLY. And then at age 20 I had extreme iron deficiency and had to take iron shots.

Granted, I didn’t eat healthy… And after getting mono the 2nd time, I was just DONE with life. My depression was worse than ever and so was my anxiety. So was my health. But I also started to wonder if food could have been the problem all along. So even though I hated my life and part of me didn’t care, I started to see a homeopathic doctor that a friend recommended to me, in order to get a different point of view. That’s where I discovered I had candidiasis as well as celiac disease. It was a relief to get diagnosed with those at the time, because I thought i’d get better once I ate the right things. And in some ways, it HAS gotten better and i’ve seen how i’ve healed. I lost 20 lbs and am now at a healthy weight, my skin cleared up, and i don’t have itchy skin anymore or as many yeast infections. My ears don’t ring anymore, (candida symptom i experienced frequently) and my muscles don’t constantly ache at night. I had every candida symptom you can imagine…And although a lot of the bad symptoms have gone away, i can never get the “spacey/foggy brained” feeling to go away…. Or the extreme fatigue…

I have read a TON on it, and that does help. As well as seeing these stories on this website… But what frustrates me is this.. What treatment do I know to take? I know diet alone can’t do it.. I’ve not only heard doctors say that, but i’ve experienced a diet alone, not being able to cure it… But everyone says something different as far as treatment… Right now i’m on candex and a pro biotic.. As well as the vitamins C,D, fish oil and garlic. I also take apple cider vinegar and coconut oil daily. Money is very limited so I can’t afford much more. Is there anything else you’d suggest? Seems like you’ve come further than I have. What treatment did you use?

And how do I have hope during detox?

It’s good to hear that about coffee…. I cut off of it worrying it was effecting the yeast, but honestly, I AT LEAST need my cup of coffee! I’ve been cranky without it. I will try doing a cup a day again, but continuing to detox with other foods and such.

Thank you again. Sorry this post is so long.

PS: Also, I know this is gross. But does anyone know why there are specks of white in my urine? Everytime i get a urine sample the doctor just says it’s excess yeast… But does that mean it is leaving my system or that it’s taking over again??