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Able900 wrote: Thomas, ammonia is a very strong adrenal stimulant; when stimulation occurs, the adrenals secret adrenalin. Over production of adrenalin can cause the fight or flight mechanism in the body which we know as panic or anxiety attacks. This may be a form of what you experienced.

The amount of your molybdenum supplement is fine, but if you can obtain empty capsules in your area, I suggest that you divide the dose into two times a day. Molybdenum doesn’t accumulate in the body tissue, that’s why, during die-off you need to take it on a regular basis several times a day.

Taking a break from the antifungals is a good idea; if you feel a lot better, then it was probably the die-off causing the problems you’ve been experiencing lately. I would wait a few days and then add a different one, perhaps coconut oil if you can obtain it, if not, perhaps oil of oregano (liquid) or garlic capsules plus garlic cloves.


I am afraid that getting empty capsules will not be possible. They will wonder why, because none here can make his own medicines. Then these capsules are very very small, I dont know how to open them without all the powder flying everywhere. the molybdenum was very expensive here in Sweden is it so expensive too for you guys?
I anyhow will try to open one and see how long I come with it and see if I manage to take the powder over the day.

thank you Able!