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+Christian+ wrote: well Thomas 77kg is about 170lbs, so your body can literally eat at your fat to obtain energy, but try doing this when you 5’7 and 135lbs which is about 11%bodyfat and a really high metabolism and its a different story. I passed out on day 3 morning of doing this and fell and hit my head against a wall. Let me tell you that was not fun, I felt so weak to the point where i couldnt walk.

Mate, what I wanted to tell you is that the weight lost will stop at a healthy moment. If the diet is so terrible for our health as you state then I would be going down down and down. But this is not the case. What I noticed is that you blame the diet, you blame Able or even all the other member saying that only Jackie has not an attitude here.

I never showed you an attitude.

You resist an open discussion. You put no facts to your case but instead blame everyone but yourself. Did you bake yourself the coconut bread? What where you eating just before. There is so much to look at before one can make conclusion. Would be interesting to know how everyone else is feeling and how many have passed out. I am on this for about 2 month now and have not passed out.

If I would be you, instead of blaming people I rather would double check what I did wrong. If it happens so that you are the only one passing out. I would check a bit why that is. Its very childish to look away from yourself and blame everything around you.