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well Thomas 77kg is about 170lbs, so your body can literally eat at your fat to obtain energy, but try doing this when you 5’7 and 135lbs which is about 11%bodyfat and a really high metabolism and its a different story. I passed out on day 3 morning of doing this and fell and hit my head against a wall. Let me tell you that was not fun, I felt so weak to the point where i couldnt walk.

This is the knowledge of able900: Put down the banana! that banana contains sugar! sugar feeds yeast! dont eat that! well no shit almost all food has sugar! Its refined sugar that you should watch out for, natural sugar that is in the fruits and vegetables is not going to cause a sporadic growth and kill you, your body needs vitamins and nutrients plain and simple, you guys are so desperate for help that if able900 told you that if you ate a piece of dog crap you would be cured im guessing somebody out there would do it.

Javizy try finding out what a piss off is

Hello Jackie, you seem to be the only one on the forum without an attitude, I have never had thrush problems until i got my tongue pierced 3 years ago because i accidently drank a beer too soon during the healing process. I have always had a bit of white on the back of my tongue since but just recently my health started to deteriorate, I keep a journal of all the things I eat on a day to day basis to keep me on track of everything, just in 3 days i have barely any white on my tongue but you can still see small red sores and it still feels sensitive. My extreme headaches and feeling like passing out have slowed down a bit and i already feel better just from 5 days of doing this. Although i added a lot of food that you should avoid for nutrition and my tongue still looks nice and pink. For example on christmas i had some ham, for breakfast i had whole wheat french toast and syrup, i dont drink a lot of orange juice but just a small glass to revitalize myself. Maybe i will email my journal of foods ive ate in the past 5 days if you would like.