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+Christian+ wrote: I think the foods to avoid section is a little ridiculous. People you need sugar in order for your blood sugars to be normal so your organs can function normal and so you dont die. I think if you just cut down on your sugar intake, avoid the main foods that feed it, have a low carb diet, then you should be fine. It is not going to hurt you if you eat a fruit or vegetable to get a bit of sugar in you, you just dont want to give your body a lot of sugar. So just quit drinking pop,coffee, and stick to water or a small cup of orange juice instead, for foods stay away from anything with yeast, high in carbs, wheat, and all that good junk food loaded with 20g+ of sugar. I can tell you one thing right now, this able900 guy who thinks he is a online doctor will probally try to scare ya otherwise, Do the diet but dont hurt yourself doing it. If you start feeling faint like your about to pass out and weak, please get some sugar in you, your goal is to kill the yeast not yourself. There is no way a human can live and get a sufficient amount of nutrients on the foods to eat list and you are a jackass if you think otherwise.

How do you explain that I don’t lack sugar when I tested my blood even in the worse die-off s where I feel light headed, brain fog etc. I really thought I would lack sugar but run myself a blood test. I had perfect blood values. I then went to the doctor and they checked my blood pressure. Nothing! There was perfect blood pressure. The trouble is that they don’t check the toxins release from die-off which makes you light headed.

I would suggest that you come with more knowledge and present it here if you want to attack the knowledge of one of our members here who in fact is able to argue his case with knowledge. Please don’t shoot from the hip with all your thoughts, feelings and fears but give us facts and proof it. I cant find anything in your post which is not a simple opinion of a guy.

About the fear of weightloss I only can state the fact that I lost about 30 kg and then it stopped at the perfect weight of 77 kg. I am 185 tall and 49 years old. Nothing to complain and I believe that I got a good healthy weight now.

Your advice of healthy a healthy and balanced diet will work for a person who is not suffering a overgrowth of candida but not people like me.