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Sounds like you were doing the cleanse christian, with little foods…you don’t have to the do the cleanse if you don’t want to feel bad, its up to you.

I feel that a tiny bit of your argument has merit but I don’t feel that there is any reason to get angry at the folks on forum…we are just trying to help people on their journey to recovery. No one has said “eat no sugar on the diet,” we have just said to keep your intake low. This means don’t go out and eat candy, lots of fruits, lots of beets, etc.

Sugar is hard to avoid; it is found in almost all vegetables that are in existance. For instance, red onion contains about 3g of sugar for the whole onion. One whole cucumber contains 5g of sugar. Even one head of green leaf lettuce contains 3g of sugar:

That’s why I came up with the 25g of sugar per day rule (actually its my dr’s rule). Keep your intake low and you can have pretty much anything as long as the total is below 25g a day of sugar.

Let me give you an example of how this could work:
1 serving of greek yogurt (8g of sugar)
25 blueberries (4g of sugar)
2 salads (5-10g of sugar)
Buckwheat and other foods (3g of sugar)

Are you upset because you are not feeling good after the cleanse? Well…be prepared for die-off next which will make you feel worse, as long as you give the diet a chance. Otherwise good luck trying things out on your own, it could put you back to square one pretty fast otherwise…candida can adapt to anything you eat including orange juice.