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Very scary that you fell and hit your head. My son did the same about 1.5 years ago and we almost lost him. Bleeding on the brain etc. He blacked out due to being too tall for his heart. He was 13 and was 6’3″ his heart was the size of a boy but his body of a man. Heart was not pumping blood to head fast enough. Very scary stuff. We sat with him in ICU while Doc’s told us to be prepaired for the worst. We put it in God’s hands…I’m so thankful God gave him back to us.

Point of story it took a long time to find out why he fainted…was it the food he was eating, was it football in the AM, basketball at noon and baseball in the PM…so many variables. We now know…but it took many test, nerosurgens etc.

It was a trial and error time in our life. I would never leave his side when he walked etc. Hitting your head or fainting of any kind is very scary business.

I hope that you contact your Doctor and find out if there are other reasons other than the diet. I know when I started the diet I did not do the clense. I just cut sugar and anything white out of my list. I was going by the website and eating carrots. Well, I couldn’t shake the thrush.

These wonderful people here taught me about oil pulling, what to eat and not to eat. I read the post from way back to the start of the forum. I lear from others mistakes and yet continue to make my own along the way.

Becareful, inform yourself, make smart decisions,also consult a doctor to find out if you could have fainted due to diet or is there something deeper that you need to look into as we had to for our son. What I failed to mention is our daughter is hypoglycemic. He fainted in the AM that same day. We thought he was HG like daughter and made him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Gave him OJ. Off he went to basketball that afternoon. We should have never thought we could take care of him by what food he ate or didn’t eat. He needed to be checked by a doctor. What I’m saying is make sure your being checked by a doctor. Let them look at the whole picture. My ENT refered to the Candia Diet as a “cult” out there and they have no idea what they are talking about. He went on and on that there is no such thing as Candia etc. He took a test of my mouth and said I was clear…I came home and ate something stupid like a nut or a rice cracker and my mouth burns etc. I know from proof of what I do daily that the food I eat is feading this monster that lives with in me. When I stay away from what I have been told to here it is much better. I too am concerned about my health…and if I’m getting the right nutrients. Keep educating yourself. Find your answers. I worry the fainting is a sign of something other than low sugar. I pray for your peace of mind and healing.