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+Christian+ wrote: I think the foods to avoid section is a little ridiculous. People you need sugar in order for your blood sugars to be normal so your organs can function normal and so you dont die. I think if you just cut down on your sugar intake, avoid the main foods that feed it, have a low carb diet, then you should be fine. It is not going to hurt you if you eat a fruit or vegetable to get a bit of sugar in you, you just dont want to give your body a lot of sugar. So just quit drinking pop,coffee, and stick to water or a small cup of orange juice instead, for foods stay away from anything with yeast, high in carbs, wheat, and all that good junk food loaded with 20g+ of sugar. I can tell you one thing right now, this able900 guy who thinks he is a online doctor will probally try to scare ya otherwise, Do the diet but dont hurt yourself doing it. If you start feeling faint like your about to pass out and weak, please get some sugar in you, your goal is to kill the yeast not yourself. There is no way a human can live and get a sufficient amount of nutrients on the foods to eat list and you are a jackass if you think otherwise.

Dear forum members,
I feel necessary to comment this post.
First, I am going to highlight the ignorance and lack of knowledge this person have about this syndrome. I don’t find the diet ridiculous but his post.!!!

I am speaking having my own case as a reference. During 2008, I developed a severe intestinal fungal overgrowth triggered by a long antibiotic round. When this happened, I didn’t have any idea this syndrome existed. Then, when I could discover everything by myself, the battle began. I lost my marriage, my home, my job, and was left in bed with no energy to walk. !!!

Thanks god, I had a bank account that allowed me to deal with the avalanche went over me. ! I was obsessive looking for the faster way to recover my health and life.
Then, I began to research and learn about this syndrome. Today, I own 16 books about it, have more than 280 abstracts and medical papers saved in my computer about this topic, have more than 2000 posts in Curezone, I am member of two yahoo groups about candida where two naturopath Drs Post, have spoken by phone and consulted by email yeast “experts” Drs such as Dr. Crandall, Dr. S. Baker, Dr. M. Mc Nett, and others.


I wanted it, and bought more that 25 boxes of Threelac, BOD Probiotics, and everything possible to cure my infestation.
There is nothing I haven’t taken. The only thing I haven’t gotten is IV Echinocandins. There was a moment where I took Fluconazole 200 mg, Lamisil 250 mg, Amp B tablets 250 mg, Nystatin refrigerated powder 3 000 000 units a day, and Lufenuron powder, ALL OF THEM TOGETHER DURING 4 MONTHS. !!! but still ate brown rice, plantains, apples, potatoes, and other things. !!! I didn’t touch sugar but the other things were enough !!
Yes, the infestation didn’t end with that powerful Rx antifungal battery. And, If you think I haven’t tried the naturals, I would like to have a check with the money I have spent buying them. There isn’t one I haven’t taken. Those that people normally mention and other more “exotics” So, I am done with this ignorant post. !!

Please, don’t make my mistakes and think about you and your family. !!